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A place as unique as Vancouver calls upon a real estate team of equal diversity and distinction. Our combined 70+ years of experience honing micro-market wisdom means we not only know the respective Vancouvers (really well), but we also know how to navigate their notoriously localized real estate market conditions. With local specialists in each area and across generations, we are deeply anchored and within the currents of each community.

There are many Vancouvers. There are those distinct and distinctive communities that sit under the mountains on the North Shore, and then all of the vibrant Vancouver neighborhoods from Downtown to the West and East sides. Some see the bridges that link the Vancouvers as borders. We see them as gateways – an all-access pass to everything that is here and everywhere else. Here is for all that the 49th parallel has to offer.

We know that home is your everywhere – the place where you build relationships, explore interests, hatch plans, and maybe even raise a family. You’re minting a new life. The MINT Home Team puts everything into selling your current home and finding you the perfect new one so that you can make that space your everywhere. Once your home is your refuge, your springboard, your here, everything else follows. MINT is here to help set that compass for the next adventure.

Ready for a ComMINTment or not – Let us get you started and team you up with the right Realtor.

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