Fraserview – Champlain Heights

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As the name suggests—this area is home to the renowned Fraserview Golf Course—so you can tee off any day of the week. Fraserview is close to Central Park, boarders Burnaby, and offers some gorgeous views overlooking the Fraser River. This culturally diverse area was once referred to as “Diaper Town” for the large numbers of young families that moved into the area after WWII. It has since then been an ideal place to raise a family. Guaranteed to please your entire household—Fraserview should be on your list of top places to settle down and start a new life–one filled with fun activities and a some much needed space to raise your little ones. If interested, check our listings and contact our real estate team.

Future Planning

Avalon 3 in River District Vancouver

Avalon 3 in River District Vancouver is a new condo and townhouse development by Wesgroup currently in preconstruction at 3302 North Arm Avenue, Vancouver. The development is scheduled for completion in 2021. Avalon 3 in River District Vancouver has a total of 326 units.