Welcome to Point Grey

Westside Vancouver Real Estate

There are many merits to living in the city—Point Grey being one of them. If your exquisite tastes run deep then this community is for you. This historical neighbourhood offers stunning grandiose homes with manicured gardens and streets, stellar high-end boutique shopping on West 10th, and if you fancy yourself a bit of an outdoor enthusiast biking this area proves an easy feat with spectacular views along the ocean shoreline. Transit runs regularly and frequently so getting around is as easy as pie. No matter your list of interests, Point Grey will encapsulate them all.

Future Planning

2615 Trimble Street

2615 Trimble Street is a new condo development currently in preconstruction at 2615 Trimble Street, Vancouver. 2615 Trimble Street has a total of 21 units.


Bus (99 B-Line)