The Year of the Rat

Jan 24, 2020

Being part of other cultures in Vancouver is one of the best things about this city. We wish all of our friends a very happy Chinese New Year for 2020! Year of the Rat … what does that mean exactly? First of all – the Rat is the FIRST sign in the Chinese zodiac. It’s a great time to feel the energy of a new cycle beginning – perhaps to channel that adventurous spirit to strive for new endeavors. Also important to think about all of the positive attributes of this animal – their incredible adaptability, resourcefulness, and their competitiveness. All of this spells a very exciting jumping off point for 2020 – this is not the year to be timid. It’s the chance to make you mark for a new decade.


Interested in taking part in this year’s festivities? See below for your guide to discovering the abundance of Lunar New Year events across Vancouver:

Soar Over Taiwan

Taiwan is simply spectacular when seen from above. During this special feature, you’ll soar over some of the island nation’s most iconic sites from right here in downtown Vancouver. Journey through the water at Green Island, above the famous Yanshui Beehive Fireworks Festival, past tea farms and into the heart of bustling cities. It’s the first-ever Vancouver showing of this Taiwan film, on for a limited time!


Lion Dance Chinese New Year

Lion Dance for the Chinese New Year at UBC’s Beaty Biodiversity Museum presented by the UBC Kung Fu Association.


Lunar New Year Lion Dance

On January 25th, Parq Vancouver will welcome in the New Year with a traditional lion dance beginning in the lobby at 7:00 p.m. and moving through Parq Casino to bring wealth and prosperity for the New Year.


Year of the Rat Creative Chinatown Fair

CREATIVE CHINATOWN FAIR is coming back on Sunday, January 26, the day of the 47th Vancouver Chinatown Spring Festival Parade. Our fair will feature amazing Lunar New Year art, crafts and foods created by 20+ local artists and vendors! Come by and celebrate the Year of the Rat with us as you visit historic Chinatown for the parade.


Vancouver Chinatown Spring Festival Parade

The Chinese New Year Parade will return for the 47th time on Sunday, January 26th, 2020. This signature event of Vancouver’s Chinatown will feature lion dances, cultural dance troupes, marching bands, martial arts performances and much more. This is an annual cultural extravaganza not to be missed. The parade will begin at 11 am. The Year of the Rat in the Chinese Lunar calendar will begin on Saturday, January 25th in 2020. Come see the sights and hear the sounds of the festivities!


Starry Night Spring Festival

Our programs are rich and varied and will include group martial arts performances, Ballet, Piano, Zither, Violin both group and solo, school bands, ethnic dances, Beijing Opera performances, stage plays, Jazz dances, and Modern Dance. Starry Night- 2020 World Youth Chinese Spring Festival, wishes to spread Chinese and American culture and arts, while exploring artistic talents.


CF Pacific Centre – Lion Dance Ceremony

You’re invited to celebrate the Year of the Rat and welcome the Lunar New Year with us on January 31 in the Rotunda.


Yellow Peril; The Celestial Elements

“Yellow Peril; The Celestial Elements” is a visual art exhibit inspired by the Chinese Five Elemental forces, seized by the urgent tensions between Queer Chinese diasporic identities. A collection of multichannel installations, visual and sculptural activations provoke a cosmic encounter of our living past and present as we ‘race’ towards a healing future. Rather than focus on the trauma that queer people of colour face, this project is fundamentally an invitation to an exuberant celebration of queerness that is unabashedly Chinese.




Source: Heart Book Series